Welcome Home! At Artizan Dental Care, we offer Marshfield Mo. comfortable family dental care. Including general, pediatric, restorative, and cosmetic procedures for patients of all ages! Contact Us Today!

We want you to feel at home at Artizan Dental Care. We offer comfortable, expert, dental services for a broad range of needs. Dr. Ben Alvarez DDS and his team specialize in general, restorative, and cosmetic procedures for family members of all ages.

Services include:

Regular Cleanings & Check Ups

Prevention is the only cure in regards to dental health. Schedule your dental check up and cleaning today to get that fresh squeaky clean feeling!

Digital Exams & Digital X-Rays

We are all digital at Artizan Dental Care, so what does that mean? It means less radiation in your dental X-rays, better visualization, and improved convenience allowing you to make the best decisions about your teeth!


We use the best bonding materials in your fillings so they look great and last a long time. Your fillings will be quick and painless so lets stop that tooth decay in its tracks!

Root Canals

Root canal therapy has a come a long way from its historical past. No need to fear root canals, they are easy, painless and convenient.


Crowns can put a dent in any budget. We are very affordable and can get a great solution on any budget. Don’t put off your crown because of cost anymore.

Tooth Extractions

No one wants to get a tooth pulled. But it happens more than you would think, let us help you put that situation behind you so you can be pain free and smile again!


Dentures look great and are still an excellent solution for many people. We offer FREE denture consults so call and schedule a no commitment conversation about your options.


A bridge is just like the structure its named after on roadways. It involves a suspension in the middle with anchors on both sides of the suspension. A great and affordable option to replace missing teeth.


Veneers are thin pieces of porcelain that cover the front surface of your teeth. They provide a quick way to a movie star smile. We offer FREE veneer consults. We can do veneers on any budget whether it involves porcelain or bonded composite filling material.

Teeth Whitening

Having whiter teeth makes the biggest impact on appearance, more so than any other dental cosmetic procedure. Improve your confidence with scientific whitening results. We offer quick in-office whitening so you can leave with a whiter smile. We also offer take home whitening because the best long term solution is low (strength) and slow (time).

Emergency Services

Don’t suffer with a toothache any longer. We place a high priority on people in pain. We can get you scheduled very quickly and get you out of pain even quicker!

Dental Fears

“I hate going to the dentist” We understand the very real dental fears that people have. We put you in control in every situation so that you can be the leader of your mouth. In today’s modern times dental visits can be comfortable and relaxing. Tell us your fears and let us face them together!


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